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This is how I clear my Self-Doubt-A Way to Personal Growth


Self-introspection is the best medicine to watch out your weak points. They could be any pertaining to your communication skills, social skills, academic or relating to self-doubt. Talking about self-doubt in particular, if you feel you are the one lacking confidence to stage your inner talent this article is here for your rescue. It is not just you; self-doubt is a common problem among individuals where building perception about oneself with respect to others as we think about ourselves. However, this isn’t as big a problem that cannot be conquered. Everything can be handled very easily provided you have patience, persistence and determination.

The article completely deals with overcoming self-doubt in order to achieve your dreams. Below are a few points that will help you with the same.

Complimenting Oneself-Yes, this may seem funny the moment you read or practice it initially but it is a critical step towards overcoming self-doubt. You could simply start practicing it every morning you get up and look at yourself. The compliment could be any, regarding your last night’s hard work or beauty. You are your toughest critic. If you can complement yourself, so can others.

Giving Yourself A Break – Sometimes in the pursuit of our goals we work too hard. It is easy to always be focused on the future but never staying in the present. To bring yourself back to the present and calm yourself doubt, try different relaxation techniques. You can count to 10 in your head to control your breathing. Or, if you’re willing to spend the money, you can even schedule a massage therapy session to relieve your stress.

How to get the actual definition of success

What is the definition of success to you? As per the expert scholars of the modern age, success means nothing but the successful achievement of goals. If you achieve your dreams, then you will reach at the peak of success. If you give your 100% efforts with stronger determination, then only you will be able to reach your goals. Self assessment is one of the greatest necessities that can help you to judge your capabilities and potentialities. Different improved strategies need to be developed or framed so that your potentials can get the highest exposure.


It is important to say that success does not necessarily mean having lots of expensive things. I should know because I had the things that looked like success when I was in the Hollywood industry – nice clothes, limo service to take me anywhere I wanted to go, plenty of money – but I was not successful on the inside. This is what matters. How you define success for yourself is the most important thing.

The Best TED Talks for Personal Growth

Personal Growth has always meant ‘change’ for me. Yes, it is definitely high time for you to introspect if you are planning to achieve your dreams. Wake up, the question, is there any room for improvement in yourself is must for you to ask at this moment for your personal growth.

We might have gone through thousands of self-help books looking for a better us. Certainly, these books help in accelerating our self-growth but it has to be way beyond reading books to observe a high end change in our personality. We all want to be better with each passing day and adopt adorable traits from other individuals. To do that, books cannot be its only source. A proactive nature to adopt such changes is the answer.

Achieve your dream through best reactions in adversity


There may not be even a handful of people to have escaped from adversity in their lives. The way we cope with them in these challenging moments and times of difficulties largely depends on our personal growth, state of mind and values inculcated in us. For that very moment they seem to encompass our entire lives but are largely built on the famous quote of “This too shall pass”. In order to achieve your dreams one should be a staunch follower of the above.

How to react in situations of Adversity

Stay Calm: Anxiety in case of challenges does no help rather reduces one’s ability to comprehend and handle the situation in a much better manner than expected. A lot of us often rush for quick judgments pushing us to even believe what is not true, lowering our standard of expectation in quest for a positive outcome. Stay calm, discuss your problems with reliable people who will always stand for your support and guide you through in times of adversity.

What I Learned From the Best Self-Help Books This Era


Self-help books are treated as one of the best solutions that can help you to achieve your dreams by curtailing all kinds of mind and physical barriers. This is the reason you are recommended to choose some of the top-class self-help books of the current era that can help you to develop a lot of confidence as a result of which impressive personality can be developed. You will get positive messages within these books that are really quite influencing and can help a lot in personal growth. There are also different true stories that can create immense impacts in your mind.

There are many reputed psychologists who refer following self-help books for strengthening the determination of achieving something in life. These books teach you not to get dishearten on your failures rather you can learn something from every failure. In this way, you have to take your failures in a positive way so that you can create a smooth path for gaining success. These books will help you to have a greater transformation in your life as a result of which you can get the strength of overcoming the obstacles that are creating troubles in reaching your goals or objectives.

How to remove both physical and mental clutters for achieving goals


If you want to achieve your dreams, then you need to have both psychological and physical development. You must find out best means that can help you to stay away from all kinds of mental and physical obstacles that are preventing you to reach to your goals. First of all, you need to set up your goal and then only you can have personal growth in accordance to the same. Excessive clutter in your body and mind can curb your self-confidence to a great extent and this is a great barrier in reaching your goals in life.

Some people think that physical barriers are more prominent but the reality is emotional clutters are quite disturbing and can distract you from your goals. You need to create a list of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can judge your capability of reaching the specified goal. You got to make your weaknesses the most powerful weapons so that you can face any kind of unexpected challenges in your life without getting scared and perplexed. Firm determination is one of the special qualities that can help you to reach to your goals faster but for that you need to remove emotional clutters.

Welcome to Battle Star Cafe


This blog is about self-actualization, self-help and achieving your dreams. I can say that I am not leading the perfect path as of now but I am trying my best to try and learn new things that can certainly make my life worth living. Though I may have this kind of positive spirit, I know there are those who find it really hard to accomplish things and achieve their dreams. This has triggered me to create this blog to establish an avenue for those who are in need of help.

In this blog, I strive hard to let people understand the journey of self actualization. By writing my blogs on regular basis, I am certain that somehow I am doing a helpful part for them to gain clearer understanding about life.